Veteran’s Day

My great grandpa ┬áserved as a veteran in the navy. He was bomb in Pearl Harbor, it was terrible almost every one died because of it .He really does not ┬álike to talk about it because it’s hard when you watched people die. He was a brave man the war he fought in was world war 2 my family have had a said time because his wife died . Two kamikazes hit the ship the ship sunk in about two minutes . As war has changed veterans think are definition of wound should change to .” its what the medals about” it’s about those that are wounded during combat . My great grandpa won a purple heart ,that was a great medal it means you got wounded in battle.

Jamestown or Plymouth

People were called pilgrims

Lives were killed

Many settlers suffered

Other people starved

Use tools to build houses and wells

The pilgrims were trying to get to Virgina

Helpless people died

I would rather live in Plymouth . Because I would be a pilgrim , and if your a pilgrim than work harder than others . Plus Plymouth has alot of people to help them work some people do not have labor . In Plymouth you can do a bunch of things like farming , digging for gold , or even hunt Plymouth has better resources . And that’s why I would rather live in Plymouth .