The Doe Milk Dare

“Bang” as I shot the doe with a smile .”I cant wait to go skin it I said “.  Hunting season is my families and my favorite special occasion .                              We headed to the skin pit with my annoying cousins in the back of the truck !  as soon as we get out of the vehicle the first thing my cousins say is I dare u to drink the milk from the doe .                                                    I didn’t want to chicken out (because they were a bit older than me , so i did ! I swiped my hand across the deer were the milk dropped down slowly .”This is it I say “, and I quickly licked my hand as the warm,sweet milk went into my mouth .                                                                                   “It wasn’t bad but it was not good either , and every one just smiled and laughed at*, no with me and I thought to my self I will get them back on day , and know i know that in the future not to do something so disgusting because my cousins want me to and from that day forward I learned not to be so gullible in my actions!