4th Grade Reflections

I have learned how to do division and multipliy.

I have struggled with my reading leavel and computers but I have got better.

I am suprised with my STTAR test and my freinds.

I have been disapointed with my grades and my report card.

My Favorite !

In my 4th grade class we are reading novels , these novels are called Willow Creek and Paradise called Texas my favorite book is Willow Creek . the main characters are Mina ,Daniel ,Papa ,Tanta Lisette ,Herr Lang,Anna, Allen,and  the Lipans . I had trouble picking out my favorite chapter because there are twenty-one chapters, but my favorite chapter was a wild ride . because there was a bunch of action , like how Mina gets captured by the Comanche she gos through thorns ,mud ,water and Tucan “her horse” saves her from the Comanche that is willing to kill her These novels are really fantastic you HAVE to read them!!

this is a picture  of Herr Lange  revolver