First week of school

The first week of school is always the easiest. Nothing has really happened yet; nothing too big I am going to go to the first football game on Friday. Come and watch @ 7:00 or 7:30 .

My broke arms

{Hey} said my friend  , {let’s go to the back of the bounce house place} . Not thinking of the consequences of this , I ran  to the back {wear we weren’t supposed to go} . I was running as fast as I could  and crack my bones went …

      The day before the accident I spent the night at my friends house , we did loads of fun things such as riding four wheelers and dirt bikes around his back yard . His mom decided the next day would go to a bouncy house place in the mall .

It’s the next morning I threw on some clothes , and ate breakfast .  We hopped in the car , the next thing I know were there . I was seeing giant bounce houses with slides , we played hide and seek for a good amount of time and got bored . My friend said immediately afterwards let’s go to the back of this place , {so I said yes} . I ran to the back as fast as I can squeezing through the wall and one of the bounce house I made it through and fell with all my body weight hitting my arms . Next thing I know I am  trying to pick myself up , the struggle was a strain on my arms . Running through the tight squeeze again was horrid I fall into my chair with a sigh and tears rolling down my face .

I called my mom on my phone telling her to pick me up and was taken to the hospital , It turns out I had broken both my arms . I officially know not to do the wrong thing or me or someone else could get hurt like I did .


The Doe Milk Dare

“Bang” as I shot the doe with a smile .”I cant wait to go skin it I said “.  Hunting season is my families and my favorite special occasion .                              We headed to the skin pit with my annoying cousins in the back of the truck !  as soon as we get out of the vehicle the first thing my cousins say is I dare u to drink the milk from the doe .                                                    I didn’t want to chicken out (because they were a bit older than me , so i did ! I swiped my hand across the deer were the milk dropped down slowly .”This is it I say “, and I quickly licked my hand as the warm,sweet milk went into my mouth .                                                                                   “It wasn’t bad but it was not good either , and every one just smiled and laughed at*, no with me and I thought to my self I will get them back on day , and know i know that in the future not to do something so disgusting because my cousins want me to and from that day forward I learned not to be so gullible in my actions!

My Goal


 Today at White Oak we get our grades back for our STAAR . I’m so curious on what made .  As the teacher calls people out one
by one some people crying some smiling , thinking what’s next ? My heart was racing as we worked on this project to buy some time” Logan,”the teacher says as I unhurriedly  walked to the door ! I was so nervous as I walked out there ,  “You made ADVANCED” she says with a grin as I jumped up and down . I even smiled on the bus and people don’t do that  often ! As soon AS I got home I jetted to my mom and dad they were  so proud of me! From this I learned that if you work hard for something it pays off !